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Compelling Questions

Up until this point I haven’t used this blog. I recently got married and have had other things keeping me busy, which led me to the question “Do I really want maintain a blog at all?” I have finally arrived at this answer: I want to commit to updating here consistently and see the positive impact it could have on people I am trying to help through my profession. So, this blog is for you and for me to be able to extend my reach beyond those that are on my weekly schedule.

This is an important step for me to take because this is a step that stays true to who I am. I love helping people and I love doing it by being a mental health therapist! I believe in my work and I believe in my passions. So, if this blog, this online forum, can help me to be the individual and therapist that I am striving to be, then it is worth every minute of my time.

But, this is for you too. I am open to all suggestions and questions for future blog posts particularly related to mental health and overall wellness. And when you get down to the roots of a question I think you may find that almost every question is related indirectly to mental health. So ask away! The sky is the limit, don’t be shy.

If you are reading and saying to yourself “I don’t have anything to ask” or “my question is not that big of a deal”, you’re wrong. Every single day we each ask ourselves hundreds of questions, should I snooze my alarm one more time, do I have time to make breakfast, where should I go to lunch, how much can I get done at work today, is the laundry finished, am I pretty enough, do people like me or just think I am annoying, do I have time for this or that…. The list is endless and we all do it! No Exceptions.

A good place to start thinking is if you ask yourself any particular question on a daily basis or just frequently in general. This could be a good indicator that maybe some outside objective information could help you start down a path to finding an answer! Just think about it…. What are those questions that pop up over and over again for you?